Name: Eric Guerin
Age: 35
CEO, Executive Producer
Company: SmartMarket Media & Adelie Studios
Company location: Grafton Massachusetts
Residence: Sutton Massachusetts

Career highlights:
As executive producer at SmartMarket Media, I am responsible for the script writing and creation of short, engaging web-based marketing movies. With my partner Heather Riley, I created the “SmartMarket Movie” as a new marketing and advertising tool that takes the best innovations in technology and combines them with the best elements of entertainment. Prior to starting SmartMarket Media, I started my own business called Adelie Studios in 1999, which I continue to run to this day, creating customized online marketing animations, animated tutorials and online marketing services. Before that I worked for EMC Corp. doing internal web sites and graphic design.

Community involvement:
I’m an advocate for cycling as a means of transportation and recreation and belong to the Blackstone River Bikeway Association. I recently rode a 50-mile fundraising ride for Alternatives in Whitinsville and I volunteer my design work for charitable organizations. I also serve as vice president for a networking group where I help mentor new business owners. The best way to pursue happiness is to help others, which is one of the main reasons that I enjoy volunteering. Our lives are so insular now; we lose sight of the fact that there are people who really need our help.

Biggest success:
I saw the opportunity to fill a developing niche by creating compelling marketing movies for the web. I also consider being in business for myself for more than five years to be a huge success. I’ve been able to accomplish what I have due to networking and mentoring with local business owners who have helped pave my path to success.

Dream job:
I’m doing it.

Businessperson he most admires and why:
The business person I most admire is Jim Henson. Through his optimism and hard work, he completely revolutionized television and entertainment because he had faith in his talent and never gave up on his goals.