Being human should come naturally to us because…well…we’re human. Right? The problem is, at some point we lost our way and we decided that if we were marketing products or services to people, we needed to lie and fluff ourselves up with a bunch of BS.

I know it sounds stupid, but as you know, it’s true. Instead of saying “this product is helpful if you are dealing with x, y and z. Here’s how…”, since nearly the dawn of advertising we’ve lied. Companies spoke of being “World Class”, “Industry Leaders” and being “Thought Leaders”. Every product was “revolutionary”, “cutting edge” or “ground breaking”. Enough.

Does this all sound too familiar? Does a bear “paradigm shift” in the woods? In this day and age, all people want to know is will you solve their problem.

When someone watches your explainer video or reads any content on your website, the only thing they are thinking is, “What’s in it for me?” or WIIFM.

They may not care about a particular feature in your product even if you spent the past 3 months working non-stop to get it right. Unless that feature is the solution to their problem, it’s not the focus. The only thing the viewer cares about is, “Does this product/service solve my problem?” or, “Will this product/service save me time and make my life easier?”

People care about people, they don’t care about companies. Nobody wants to be sold to, not even a sales person. So as a company you need to relate to your viewers as people.

So with that introduction, I was honored to write a series of guest blog posts for Vidyard, an enterprise level video marketing platform, about humanizing your brand with video. Humanizing brands with video is something we are putting more of a focus on. Making them easier to understand and more relatable. Without further ado, here is my blog series for Vidyard, enjoy.

Is Pressing Play in our DNA? Why We’re Hardwired to Love Video

I know video is not actually part of our genetic code, but why does video resonate so well as a communication tool? Well, it may not be genetic, but it is part of the human evolutionary story. As lyrical as the written word can be, nothing helps tell a story better than impactful visuals.


The Secret to Avoiding Corporate BS in Your Brand Videos

If you grew up in the country and are of a certain age you have undoubtedly heard an old-timer warn you to “steer clear of the road apples.” ‘Road apples’ to the uninitiated are horse poop. The same phrase works equally well for what I like to call corporate gobbledygook. You know what I’m talking about: BS.


Is There a Formula for Creating Great Explainer Videos?

A lot of the people I produce explainer videos for are amazed at how quickly we are able to get the gist of what they do and interpret it into a clear and concise message. You could say it’s black magic, witchcraft even. The truth is…I have a formula.


How to end Your Video: Strong Call to Action Examples

One of the last (and most important) steps to include in any video is the call to action. If the viewer has watched your video to completion, they’ve demonstrated clear interest (or they would have bounced ten seconds into the video). So now, you need to prompt “the ask” or call to action.