AOL's Rise of Mobile Video Marketing Survey ResultsIf you keep your marketing videos short and to the point; they’re more popular. The ideal business video length is something we’ve written about before. Recent statistics from  AOL’s State of the Video Industry Global Research Study confirm that shorter is still better.

59% of consumers watch videos that are 1-minute long or less every day.

Online video consumption is growing for all video lengths, but short-form video is still king. The longer your video gets, the smaller your audience is. Most of the videos we create hook the viewer in the first 8 seconds of the video to pique their curiosity. Recently we’ve also pointed out that 30 seconds is a real sweet spot in a video marketing strategy. It’s that short snackable content that people are looking for.

There are some other very interesting statistics in this survey worth a look. Below is AOL’s infographic promoting the survey’s findings. But what do you think? What length of video has propelled your video strategy?

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