video marketing link baitFull disclosure: this is not going to be an article about a rampaging bunny destroying oranges for fun.

That set up was deliberate. For those who feel cheated because you thought you were in for a suspenseful orange massacre by an evil bunny, I am sorry. I hope one day to bring this bunny story to life, but this is not that story. I’m sure we’ve all seen and been frustrated by at least one article or post we read on social media that had an interesting title or lead-in text. Then you get there and the video or content is not at all what you expected. Could be some corporate video full of video marketing road apples. Maybe it’s just a boring product video that has nothing at all to do with what your clever lead-in text or title were about. Getting fleeced with some link bait content switch.

I recently saw a post on LinkedIn which was billed as a “short animated explainer video” about what they do but I ended up being sent to a 30 MINUTE WEBINAR RECORDING.

Just stop.

Creating video link bait is a horrible idea. Not only for your company but personally for your audience. I mean do you like being duped? Video link bait may drive a few clicks initially but for what? To have a higher bounce rate? To increase the negative sentiment around your brand so fewer and fewer people will be interested in what you are doing? The more you do it, the more disengaged people will be with the content you are sharing.

Just look at it like someone outside your company would look at it. Does it make sense? Is there a connection between the social media copy and the content that will keep them interested? If there’s not, either create better content or create more appropriate lead-ins and titles.

The world is a far more viewer-centric world than it has ever been before. So you need to make sure every step of what you are telling people about what you do, is seamless. You need to answer WIIFM to the viewer and you need video content to perform well to get your video production budget increased for next year. Link bait is not a short cut. If you start trying to drum up more clicks using video link bait, you’re going to lose viewers, and potential customers, much faster.

A story about a bunny with a vendetta against oranges because he got too much pulp in his juice would be awesome, I may just save that for later. But let’s pinky swear to stop using link bait titles to grab attention. Stop using crappy old video content that isn’t what the viewer thought they were clicking to view. Let’s agree to make better video content. Content that not only is going to inform your audience better, but is going to serve YOU better. If someone gives you their attention you need to respect that and give them what they came for or more. Sound like a plan?



Eric Guerin is the founder of Adelie Studios. He chooses to use his creative powers for good and not evil by helping businesses to better market themselves using animated marketing videos. He can easily be bribed with coffee. Read more of Eric’s posts