5-sensesHave you ever felt something’s just not quite right when viewing an explainer video? What is that pivotal ingredient? Think of the elements to a great explainer video: meaningful visuals, pleasant voiceover, and powerful soundtrack. Maybe we just sometimes overlook that last step, the soundtrack. I’m not talking about just any standard business corporate track, but one that evokes an emotional response from the viewer, fixating as many senses on the message as possible.

Humanizing your video, pulling in all available senses

Nietzsche has a valid point in his comment, “we listen to music with our muscles.” You hear that catchy beat and the foot starts tapping, head bobbing or your humming the tune. With sound execution (err, pun intended), you can pull your audience into your explainer video one step further.

Avoid the really, really “background” tracks

I know, you just found that super smooth voice or better yet, that really intelligent British accent. Who would want to drown out your lovely voiceover with music? This is understandable, but avoid just an all around quiet and bland background track. Think about the music listened to by people all over. If you pulled out everyone’s ear buds or rolled down car windows, you won’t find anyone listening to an incredibly basic song. Too boring. So remember to pique the viewer’s interest right from the intro using a well-written piece, no matter the mood you wish conveyed.

Music that speaks to emotions, tying together sound and movement

So we’ve learned to avoid background music to just be background. Now let’s think back to humanizing your video and capturing more than just the sense of sight. On the obvious level, we have your new, well-written audio element. To bring in the sense of touch, or in our case, movement, we need emotion. Perhaps, emotion is often synonymous with “moody.” Right? Say, “I want this track to be emotional,” and yes, you will get a reflective and moody track for your video. Instead, let’s say, “I want this track to evoke the right emotion for the intended audience.” Aha! Connecting to your target audience with the right emotion will tie sight, sound and movement together. Now you will have them tapping their feet to a catchy beat, humming the sweet, simple string melody or wiping their eyes from a deep and sorrowful orchestra.

Balancing the voiceover and background track

While explainer videos often spend time on one side of the spectrum, either just soundtrack or voiceover, there can be a happy medium. Just remember, both voiceover and soundtrack can be remarkable in their own right and work together. Take a moment and watch this explainer video. Listen to how the video blends voiceover with a complimentary, catchy and upbeat guitar riff.

So when you work on connecting with your audience, focus on humanizing your explainer video through as many channels as possible. You have two readily available for you, sight and sound. But go one step further and really focus on what type of emotion you want your explainer video to evoke. You will be able to connect with the audience on a deeper level and really pick the right heart strings.


Peach is a intern at Tunefruit. He works in content marketing and data analytics. He likes dreams, loose fitting slacks and high-octane dance battles. Peach is no longer afraid of the dark when the light goes out in the refrigerator. Check out their website at tunefruit.com