coldplaySo you’ve just got your new business up and running, congrats! You’ve got some ads out there, are working the SEO and decide you’re going to make your own video for the website. You wrap filming and now it’s time to add some background music!


Unfortunately that Coldplay track is going to cost you $100,000 to license….if only you could find an awesome track at 1/100th the cost? Hey that’s why you hire pros to make your kick ass explainer video (like Adelie Studios) who utilize royalty free music licensing sites like Tunefruit!  Tunefruit has an enormous library of amazing pre-screened tunes. And while we probably are a little biased, the right music can make or break your video.

I Wanna Live on Science Alone

You too? It’s a good thing that there is a ton of research out there proving just how important the music is. I’d love to bore you with the details and technicalities, but it’s not quite nap time.

It all comes down to this: music is a form of communication. Just like speech, it has structure inherent to it that sets up expectations of what comes next. Ever read a good poem and the definition of the words doesn’t seem to matter, it just sounds so perfect? Boom. That’s music…and language.

Of course there are so many dynamics to take into consideration. Snoop Dogg wrote and recorded Gin and Juice (parental discretion advised, definitely not safe for work) but The Gourds covered it. The same song? Kind of. But not even close to the same feel, which brings us full circle to the idea that music is a form of communication. There are specific emotions that certain types of music evoke in all humans regardless of cultural norms. Which is a pretty fancy way of saying; even if you were raised by wolves, you would still feel the same emotions when listening to Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony as literally everyone else (with normal brain chemistry).

But wait! It’s not that simple. Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On probably brings back some specific memories (or nightmares). Basically, we all have fundamental emotional associations with certain structural elements of music (types of chords, tempo, and timbre) but music can also trigger memories that are specific to each individual.

Pro Tip: Don’t use tunes that have pop culture significance that don’t align with your brand


The tunes set up a world in which your video is viewed, it’s that inherent structure. Picture the training montage from Rocky while listening to some Justin Beiber track. It’s the kind of thing you might see on SNL.

Check out this classic Apple ad of video and music.

Notice how the voiceover is in perfect time with the music and video shots? It’s the kind of perfection that makes you say, “I don’t care what they’re selling; I’m going to buy it!” And that’s why my laptop cost so much money…

If I Only Had the Words to Tell You

Like I said earlier, music is its own form of communication. Thankfully, we all speak it naturally. It’s really common to claim that you’re tone deaf. But you’re probably not. Can you tell when someone asks a question because their voice goes up at the end? Bam. You can differentiate between pitch and you probably have very critical ears (singing is its own game and well, if you want to be the Karaoke King, you gotta work for it). The hard part is quantifying what you want to hear so you can actually search for it effectively.

There’s a reason why Billy Joel wrote a song about not having the words to explain his feelings. Music is something we can experience in the prefrontal cortex (that part of your brain that deals with abstract thinking and not with language). Ever get tongue tied or not been able to find the words to express what you really mean? That’s your prefrontal cortex going way faster than you’re able to process.

Shine On

So you’ve learned the amazing effects of music, how do you go about finding the right track? It could take forever to wade through 10,000 plus tracks (and it’s a really nice day out…). Thankfully Tunefruit has a Deep Tagging™ system that will make your life easier and dial down on what you’re looking for. Still want that Coldplay track? Search ‘Coldplay.’ Want a Coldplay love song? Search ‘love Coldplay.’ (Just don’t search ‘love Nickelback,’ unless you’re prepared to scrub your browser history). Want a Lion King-esque track? Search ‘Lion King’. Or if Adelie Studios is producing your super awesome video, you can take a deep breath and relax because they’re likely using Tunefruit anyway.

It’s that simple, folks! There’s no need to try and quantify what you’re feeling and figure out how that could be translated into music. Just relate it to something else. It’s all about the similes and metaphors.

And boom. You’re on your way to having the music help make your video even more amazing and awesome.



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