Marcom Gold Award WinnerA recent employee video interview series we created for Aternity was awarded Gold Recognition in this year’s MarCom Awards.

The video series was designed to capture a “day in the life” personal view of the Aternity employees as shared through their own words and experiences. We also shot a good deal of B-Roll footage that was used to produce a couple of different opening intros for the videos to give a flavor for some of the daily routine and camaraderie that is part of daily life at Aternity. The series was created to give a realist view for potential employment candidates to see what the company culture was like and I think we succeeded in capturing that.

It was a fantastic project to produce, shoot and edit and we’re honored to be a part of this award winning series that has been so beneficial to Aternity. You can view the entire video series on Aternity’s “World Class Employees” page or you can view one of the sample videos about Aternity’s customers below:



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