A well-executed explainer video is a powerful thing. Using professional voiceover and eye-catching visuals set to music, your company has the power to showcase its products and services using this fun and exciting medium. For your explainer to be really effective, the visual and auditory elements within have to be congruent; they all have to work in harmony to deliver your message. That’s why choosing the right song is so important.

With music, we have the power to make emotional connections that aren’t possible with voiceover and video alone. A voiceover that simply and plainly explains the purpose of your product or service is a tool to appeal to a viewer’s mind- and that’s certainly an important tool. But shouldn’t we also try to make a play for the viewer’s heart?

Still don’t believe in the power of music? Why don’t we play a little game? First, watch the video we’ve posted below, then listen to three potential musical underscores. I’ll show you three songs, and together, we’ll try and decide which one best fits the video below. The correct choice will be a piece of music that sounds like the video looks: relaxed, friendly and sweet. It should also serve to enhance the voiceover, and support its message. When we listen to these tracks, let’s pay attention to any images that are conjured in our minds. The way we feel when we listen to these songs should be similar to the way we feel when we watch the video.

Grimy Rock

This is a killer rock track, and when I hear it, I want to jump off the roof of my step-mom’s house into her swimming pool, then steal some beers from her fridge. Use this track to sell skateboards and jeans, not bananas.

Old School Hip Hop

AWWWWWW YEAHHHH!!! Let’s round up the boys and go for a ride, ‘cause its about to pop off up in here! Let’s take Bill’s car because it bounces up and down.

This track is also inappropriate for our banana video. This is the track we’ll play as we hit the three wheel motion in Bill’s car on our way to shoot craps at Joe’s house.

Uke All Day

Aaahhhhhh, relief…This track radiates good vibes and a warm, wholesome attitude. The sweet sounds of “Uke All Day” are the reflections of love -the love we might feel for our children, or for the essential vitamins and nutrients that the banana offers. This track is perfect for our video.

Compared to the frustration I felt after trying to match the first two tracks to our video, pairing “Uke All Day” with this spot makes me feel relieved. It makes me feel refreshed. It makes me feel like I just consumed the recommended daily allotment of Manganese.

In piecing together your explainer, your choice of music might be one of your last creative decisions, but it shouldn’t be an afterthought. Choosing the right song for your explainer video is a lot like eating healthy; there’s nothing better than knowing you don’t need any more Manganese until tomorrow.



Peach is a intern at Tunefruit. He works in content marketing and data analytics. He likes dreams, loose fitting slacks and high-octane dance battles. Peach is no longer afraid of the dark when the light goes out in the refrigerator. Check out their website at tunefruit.com