SlideShare Content Marketing StrategyThere’s a need to feed the content marketing beast. We can all understand that. Videos, presentations and infographics are at the heart of any content marketing strategy. Unfortunately little time is spent to optimize how visual content is distributed and optimized online. Many marketers forget about SlideShare and thus have not really tapped into its full potential to integrate and optimize a vast amount of a brand’s visual content.

Many think of it as a repository for really bad PowerPoint slide presentations, but that is so far from the truth. In reality, SlideShare is a content marketers dream. The great thing about SlideShare is the content can be embedded in a blog post, shared to social media and you can also SEO optimize the content with a great description, tags and title to make the most of SlideShare which is indexed by Google. In fact 70% of SlideShare traffic comes from targeted search. So why would you upload content to SlideShare rather than direct to your website? One of the biggest reasons from a search perspective is SlideShare is an authority website which means it ranks much better on Google than most other sites online. Including your own website. That means this content you produce and optimize on SlideShare can float your content to a top Google ranking, even if you’re in a crowded industry vertical. First page results on Google can make all the difference in establishing your industry authority.

Another reason SlideShare is a valuable tool in your visual content marketing arsenal is optimization for mobile. So rather than producing what I refer to as a “waterfall infographic” which are horrible to view on a mobile device, you can chop your infographic material into snackable content. That way it can be divided into “slides” and consumed much more easily and intuitively on a mobile device.

So what kind of content works best on SlideShare?

Really brief visual presentations work best, twenty slides at the most that are very visual and entertaining. Don’t just share boring data, wrap that data around interesting and engaging visuals. Take all that interesting data and information you were planning to dump into one huge infographic and break it into digestible segments. With any content marketing, you want to get people to your website, your “playground” where you control the user experience. To do this you should always make sure to include call to action links within your SlideShare content so you can keep interested viewers engaging with your brand whether they are finding your SlideShare content on SlideShare itself or embedded on your website somewhere.

Another way to make your content perform better on SlideShare is to include a full description and transcript of all the stats and information included. This is all content that can be indexed by Google and is the juice that helps get your content ranked higher in search.

What’s the best way to promote your SlideShare content?

The best way to promote your SlideShare content is how you would promote any of your other content marketing. Do you have a newsletter? Include the SlideShare content. Do you have a blog? Post the SlideShare content there with some commentary. Do you have active social media channels? Share the SlideShare content where appropriate. When you promote or boost your social media content, SlideShare content that is entertaining and interesting will be shareable and will do well.

What are some common mistakes people make with SlideShare?

The worst thing to do is post boring, repetitive content. If your content is all text and is a hundred slides long, it’s not going to get viewed or shared. Keep your content short, visually driven and with a unique twist to make your content more interesting and shareable.

OK, but why post my visual content to SlideShare and not just directly on my website?

Here’s a SlideShare we created of the “16 Top Video Marketing Statistics from 2016”:

This is the second year in a row that we’ve put this SlideShare together, each year selecting some new statistics to profile that are thought provoking, paring those stats with interesting visuals and mixing in a cat pun or two. The cat puns are just to joke on the fact that cat videos rule the internet, but it’s also a fun way to keep the content engaging and interesting for anyone. Results? If you Google “video marketing statistics” our presentation on SlideShare as well as the landing page on our website where the SlideShare is embedded are in the top five results. It was selected as their “presentation of the day” on the day it was released. Last year’s version was featured by SlideShare on their home page as “exemplary content” and it was shouted out by SlideShare for being “Hot on Twitter”. Overall the presentation has had over a hundred thousand views since January and our presentation has been shared and embedded on such notable blogs as Post Planner and HubSpot. With the call to action we’ve encouraged viewers to visit our website to download a PDF of a presentation whereby we can then ask for their name and email and begin having a conversation with them. If they aren’t interested in our services right now, they may be in the near future.

So when you’re planning your visual content marketing strategy, make sure you think about SlideShare as a tool you can utilize to extend your reach. SlideShare can be so much more than just a repository for you and is truly an underutilized inbound marketing gem.  And it’s free, so why wouldn’t you give it a try?


Eric Guerin is the founder of Adelie Studios. He chooses to use his creative powers for good and not evil by helping businesses to better market themselves using animated marketing videos. He can easily be bribed with coffee. Read more of Eric’s posts