Doctor Martin Luther King

One day I hope the isolating vitriol that currently divides our country will finally ebb away enough for all of us to realize we’re all in this together. Later this week our country will be inaugurating perhaps the most controversial president in our history. It’s in my belief that we don’t need to “Make America Great Again”. We are the wealthiest, most powerful and respected nation on earth. We don’t need to be made great again. We need to continue striving to make ourselves better and we need to stand up individually to our government and political machines to ensure that happens. We need to focus more on building bridges rather than walls.

Today, we celebrate Martin Luther King Day which is a physical reminder of that process and of our nation’s potential. A man who gave his life protecting the freedoms and values our nation is supposed to guarantee. How far would you go to protect our nation and it’s freedoms? Every single citizen in our nation needs to remember this. Regardless of party affiliation or particular interests. It’s a message we all need to hold and keep fighting for. When we all stand and shout together our voices are powerful.

Below is an audio recording of Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.’s now famous “I have a dream” speech. His voice and desires still ring just as true today as they did on that August day in 1963. On this Martin Luther King Day, remember that difficulties and inequalities still exist for many. His speech was not the end of a message but only the beginning. And we need that dream and this sentiment now more than ever.


“We will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.”
– Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.  


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