JCSI was looking to create an animation to explain how their recruiting methods are different from other staffing firms and how they use social media to help companies find and hire the “best” candidates. We worked with them to conceptually illustrate their process and summed it up in a uniquely illustrated value proposition to the viewer and prospective client.

We worked with Adelie Studios on several projects; the first was a video for an existing client, followed by this video for ourselves showcasing our capabilities and via the medium, the creativity we could bring to supporting prospective clients. Their reaction was immediate and positive. The second project was one in which Adelie Studios owner Eric Guerin helped to evaluate social media platforms and techniques which could be adapted for, or integrated with our existing recruiting process. He demonstrated both his expertise in social media and his insight to our business resulting in a great blueprint for moving ahead.

– Paul Ladden VP, Operations at JCSI Corporate Staffing