Seth Godin as captured by Christopher Penn @cspenn at INBOUND13

Seth Godin as captured by Christopher Penn @cspenn at INBOUND13

I’ll be doing a few posts finding some meaning for your video marketing from some of the keynotes from INBOUND, the inbound marketing conference. I’ll be focusing on what the main takeaways were was and how you should apply it to your video marketing.

The opening keynote was from Seth Godin and he brought his ‘A’ game packed with a ton of quotable material. A lot of Seth’s talk focused on how we are moving from a time of mass marketing to an age of connections. He spoke about marketing to the fringe “Be on the edge to reach the people who care”. What he was pointing out here was that at one time you wanted to market to the mass. You wanted to pick the “normal” because it was the biggest audience. However over time, the fringe audiences have become larger and larger. That is a good thing because now your message can be more targeted and pertinent than ever before.

His message was to craft very relevant and personal messages to the people who want to receive them, how they want to receive them. Have a point of view, be one of a kind. Whether these people are on Facebook or a small very specific user forum – show up with hyper relevant content to be a thought leader among those with similar views.

What this means for your video marketing:

Have you identified your target demographic and created a marketing persona of them? If yes, then good! You’re well on your way. Because when you are creating video content that speaks to that persona, you can get a much warmer response. There are so many variables that you need to consider who is watching as part of the production. As an example, let’s say you designed an app for 30 something first time moms, EVERY aspect of your video needs to speak to what is going on in their life. If the app is designed to help them – the script has to be written to speak to them. Maybe it’s a conversational but reassuring tone? Maybe it’s more of an authoritative tone? There’s a nuance of difference but it makes all the difference in how your audience will view the video. What about the voice over? Music? Every aspect of a videos production needs to be relatable and needs to speak directly to your audience, how they’d want to carry on a conversation.

Don’t worry about the bigger picture audience, they don’t care. Don’t worry about “veteran” moms or grandmothers. If your app is designed for first time moms make your video specifically to trigger a response from them. Be targeted. Be relevant. Be remarkable.

What about you? Have you created a marketing persona of your target demographic?