Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Everyday people feel comfortable letting their hair down and pretend to be something sometimes totally opposite of who they are throughout the rest of the year. It’s a day when creativity is celebrated and one of my favorite things to check out is the Google Doodle.

Google’s creative team always finds fun, surprising, and creative interpretations of the Google logo to celebrate the holidays. Halloween is no exception. One of my favorites was 2012’s interactive spooky street scene complete with friendly little monsters. There’s also a great step by step storyboard from the artist explaining what their creative process.

Google Doodle halloween sketches


This year they created 6 different interactive gifs, so everytime you load the Google home page, you get a different spooky scene to treat you before you begin searching for last minute Halloween costume ideas. Here are Google’s 6 animated gifs from 2014 below and Happy Halloween!











Happy Halloween!