How To Engage Your Audience With VideoAdvertising is no longer a one way, intrusive, disruptive experience. It has become a two way communication between brand and consumer. Therefore, it needs to be a thoughtful and engaging conversation that inspires your consumer to build trust with your brand. Imagine being at a cocktail party and running into someone who is boring you. The conversation with this person will most likely be very short lived. However, if you meet someone who is interesing and a great storyteller, you will spend more time with them. The goal for brands is to be the entertaining, storyteller at the party.

Tell a story

Storytelling is hardwired in our DNA. From the beginning of time our history was passed down by word of mouth of mouth. Even after the advent of written word and printing machines, humans have always trusted the word of their friends and family over something written; from restaurant recommendations to hair styles, and everything in between. The value of marketing communication is relative depending on its usefulness to people, be it informative, inspiring, social or otherwise. Give your viewers a reason to love your brand by telling them a story that leaves an impression.

Market to people, not demographics

Categories and segmentation are intended to simplify data; however, over simplifying your audience with these labels limits your true understanding of your audience. Think less bullhorn and more one-on-one relationship. Think of the individuals who interact with your brand and talk to them. One way to ensure a strong relationship with someone is to be a good listener. You can optimize an ad campaign by asking for feedback from your social following. Trust me, they’ll be happy to share their opinion. If you take their advice you’ll strengthen their trust in your brand.

Appeal to people’s emotions

Most marketers are familiar with the Zig Ziglar quote ‘People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons’. The use of video is a great way to connect with your audience on an emotional level. By striking that emotional chord, you are building a much deeper bond with the consumer becoming so much more than just another product. This has become such an important part of advertising that ad campaigns can now even be optimized based on measured emotional response of the viewer.

Have a CTA

This is a common piece of advice for driving engagement, and for good reason. Regardless of how moving and emotionally stirring your video is, you cannot expect your viewers to know what you want them to do with the information you just presented to them. Do not leave any room for interpretation. Give them clear direction whether it is “Subscribe here”, “Share”, or “Download now”, etc. They will be more likely to follow this direction if you have already entertained and engaged with them in your video content. A view is a view but engagement is power. It goes back to the idea of word of mouth which is now accomplished through a post, tweet, or share. Brands with more social engagement will be more trusted.

In today’s social age with a two way line of communication, your customers are available, ready and willing to give you advice and guidance. Use emotionally meaningful stories that leave a lasting impression, with share-worthy substance. Inspiring storytelling reinforces authenticity and intent without ever requiring self promotion. Great stories are timeless yet they can always evolve.


Alex is the founder and CEO of Virool, a video advertising distribution platform, helping marketers get their videos seen.