YouTube Donation Cards for NonprofitsOne aspect nonprofit organizations have difficulty with is converting YouTube views into website visitors. Now there’s not only an easier way to do that, but can also receive donations, right on YouTube.

YouTube had long allowed the ability to link to channels, other videos or approved websites using Cards, but in January, they rolled out donation cards.  Donation cards allow viewers to donate directly from the video. And as long as you are a US based IRS-validated 501(c)3 public nonprofit organization you can set them up yourself. Any of your subscribers or fans can also set up donation cards to point to you and you’ll receive 100% of the money donated. Here’s a brief video YouTube put together about Donation Cards:


So that next big capital fundraising campaign can have a much larger impact for you to source donations from a much larger audience. Don’t forget to ask your advocates and fervent fan base to post a short video about why you’re such a worthwhile organization worthy of supporting and have them add a donation card to their video. You can check out the YouTube Help Center for more information on getting these set up, or you can always have us give you a hand optimizing your YouTube donation video so it can get found easier and setting up donation cards for you.

YouTube has well over a billion active users and every single day those viewers are watching hundreds of millions of hours of video. Why not host part of your fundraising or help out your favorite nonprofit on YouTube and start tapping into a much larger audience of potential donors? Have you experimented with YouTube Donation Cards yet? If so, I’d love to hear in the comments below. I always reply back quickly to keep the conversation going.




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