Eric Guerin, Adelie Studios

Customer since: 2007
List size: 342
Open rate: 48.6%
Favorite feature: Statistic Tracking

Adelie Studios owner and producer Eric Guerin creates online marketing and advertising content with a specific focus in online video animation. Additional services include web site design, e-newsletter content management, distribution plans and techniques, training and services. Their customers are forward-thinking companies looking to leverage the power of engagement offered by online video — from two-person operations to Fortune 500 companies.

Standing out in a Crowded Landscape

The ability to tell a compelling business story in three minutes or less is critical to an online campaign’s success. And with so many free tools available online and the explosion of user-generated content, differentiating their services and showing the value of professionally produced video can be a real challenge. Also, Adelie Studios faces a long sales cycle — their potential customers frequently make buying decisions over the course of months. So company CEO and Executive Producer Eric Guerin went searching for an efficient way to stay top-of-mind with potential clients until they were ready to begin a project.

Eric considered many e-mail marketing companies, including Exact Target and iContact, but decided to go with Constant Contact in 2007 because of “the statistic tracking, easy to manage contact list features, customizable templates and the simple user interface,” he explains. “It was very easy and simple to set up. It took us just a few hours spread over several days. The interface made it a breeze.”

To increase brand recognition and showcase their expertise, Adelie Studios sends a “video of the month” newsletter with a mix of their entertaining online marketing videos, links to relevant blog posts, and useful information about online and viral marketing. They also promote seminars and webinars where they are presenting, including their participation in local Constant Contact events. “Whoever the client or highlighted content is helps us come up with a theme for the newsletter, and sometimes we tie it to the season, such as Halloween in October. The newsletter definitely helps shorten our sales cycle,” says Eric.

Riding the Wave to Increased Visibility

“Around the time we signed on with Constant Contact, I was selected by the Worcester Business Journal as one of their “Forty Under 40″ — businesspeople under the age of 40 from Central Massachusetts notable for their business accomplishments and ongoing community service,” says Eric. “To celebrate, we created a funny video poking fun at me. We set very clear goals to generate buzz, increase our contacts, increase our brand recognition within the region served by the Journal, and to open a discussion which would hopefully lead to a working relationship with the publication.”

Once they began sharing the video, it took on a life of its own, quickly making the rounds of Worcester Business Journal’s newsroom, leading the editor to ask permission to show it at the awards banquet with over 500 community leaders in attendance. This exposure lead to further distribution to the subscriber lists of the Journal as well as other regional business newspapers.

This one opportunity created benefits both immediate and long-lasting. “Before the event we had less than 100 subscribers — two weeks after, it had more than doubled, ” Eric shares. “Several of the subscribers we met at the event have hired us to create web-based marketing videos for them. One contacted us six months later, proof that regular contact kept us at the top of his list. We also developed working relationships with three local business journals to produce videos for them and to resell our online marketing video product.”

A Long-Term Relationship

With a current list of 342 subscribers, Eric says “I love when people email us after receiving the newsletter. It makes me smile because I know the newsletter was engaging enough that they took the time, not only to read it, but to reply,” clearly evident in the newsletter’s 48.6% open rate.

With such outstanding results, Adelie Studios took their relationship with Constant Contact to the next level. Eric explains, “We chose to partner with Constant Contact because they have integrity and look out for us as small business owners. As I tell my clients, the best way to launch an online video campaign is with your existing customer base and using Constant Contact as the first distribution channel makes perfect sense. And since we’re business partners with them, this assures our customers that we’re recommending a high-quality, reliable service — one we trust enough to use to distribute our own work.”