SantaRecently a friend of mine posted on Facebook about how crushed she was that her son didn’t believe in Santa Claus anymore and was looking for advice. I didn’t leave a comment because I do believe there IS a Santa Claus. I’m a firm believer in something that seems impossible because it helps us see what is possible.

What if no one believed in the impossible? What if no one imagined things so extraordinary they seemed like something from a fairy tale? Rather than struggling with a fold-able paper map on long road trips, we now have GPS guiding our cars from satellites using real-time traffic information. Instead of looking for a dime to put in a pay phone to make a call, we now have phones so smart in our pockets they can do things you don’t even realize. You don’t research for school papers on outdated encyclopedias anymore now you have the infinite database of information on the internet. Are you are old enough to remember LP records? Of course now you can carry your entire music catalog on a device your pocket. Believing in what seems unbelievable is what makes us grow and imagine what could be possible.

That said, part of the problem with believing in what may be considered unbelievable is we are living in a society that relies on all the technology I mentioned above too heavily. What if kids didn’t have smartphones or computers at their disposal? What if instead they relied more on hands-on and social interaction rather than a Google search? How do you explain the unexplainable when the answer can’t be found on Wikipedia?

That’s where imagination comes in and where curiosity begins to feed creativity. This is the magic place where the impossible becomes possible.

When you are looking for an answer to the unbelievable, look to the oceans so vast they still hold infinite mysteries. A place here on crowded planet Earth remains largely unexplored and hides secrets we can only dream about. Could there be an amazing sea creature living in the depths no man or woman as ever seen? I’m sure there is. Have I ever seen a mermaid? Of course not, but that isn’t definitive proof they don’t exist. So who can say that a jolly old elf who does wonderful things for all the children of the world doesn’t live at the North Pole with flying reindeer?

People give up on the unbelievable because the banality of everyday life gets in the way and makes it seem all the more impossible. If I stopped believing in Santa then I’d be giving up on the unbelievable. Giving up on creativity. Giving up on the impossible. Giving up on the magical spark of wonder. So do I believe there is a Santa Claus? Absolutely. And I hope this year I’m on his “good” list.


Eric Guerin is the founder of Adelie Studios. He chooses to use his creative powers for good and not evil by helping businesses to better market themselves using animated marketing videos. He can easily be bribed with coffee. Read more of Eric’s posts