About Adelie Studios

Visual Storytelling for Brands

Visual storytelling.

It’s what we’ve specialized in for more than a decade. It’s how we’ve helped hundreds of start ups on up to big brands stand out in an increasingly competitive environment. And most important of all, it’s our passion.

We’re Adelie Studios and this is our story.

Founded in 2002 by Eric Guerin, Adelie Studies set out to change the way brands engaged with their audience. At a time when video played a very small part in the marketing and sales process, we began working with brands of all sizes on the best way to tell their story. The concept of the “explainer video” was new to many in 2006, but as brands began to see more traffic, higher conversion rates and increased sales, the approach quickly caught on.

Fast forward to present day. Adelie Studios has since created hundreds of explainer videos and animated series for some of the world’s fastest-growing brands, including HubSpot, Waste Management, Mojo Motors, Broadridge Financial, Liazon, Task Rabbit and many other clients. As the number of clients increased, so too did the awards.

What Makes Us Unique?

With literally thousands of video production companies, what sets us apart? For one, Adelie Studios is a virtual organization – which basically means we work with animators, voice over artists, writers, musicians and character designers all over the United States and Canada. Furthermore, each project is done on-demand, providing our clients with increased flexibility and lower production costs.

Because we’re an on-demand resource, we have the ability to match you with the talent and skill sets that best fit your brand. Need a writer with B2B tech experience? Not a problem. Want an animator who knows about pharmaceuticals, the banking industry or non-profits? We can do that, too.

Most important of all, we truly enjoy our work. We hope the quality of our videos speak for themselves. If you can’t have fun with animated videos, you’re in the wrong business!

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