There’s statistics to support how short attention spans are online. There’s also been studies done of how you need to grab the viewer’s attention within the first 8 seconds in a video or you lose them. Now I’m not saying that 30 seconds is the optimal length for any online video, but it’s something to think about. As an example, here’s a recent 30 second video we created for a company called Night Owl:

It’s short. It’s to the point. It gets the viewer to the point of piquing interest and leaves them wanting more. The length also makes the usage of it very flexible as with 30 seconds you could use it for broadcast television as well as use it for video ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. Customizing the video content based on the platform is always the best practice for all of your video marketing. But when you’re a cash strapped startup a 30 second length gets you more bang for your buck.