Day 5. In the song that’s where we get the flourish of the “FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!!!” So I knew we needed a good one for day 5. That’s why I chose possibly my favorite holiday ad of all time by John Lewis called “Monty the Penguin”. As previously mentioned with Day 1’s ad, John Lewis sets the bar high for video storytelling. This one has got it all. It makes you laugh and it will likely make you cry. A cute kid, a lovable penguin and a beautiful cover of John Lennon’s Real Love.

This was John Lewis’ ad for 2014 and to date has over 26 million views. 7 million of those views were in the first 24 hours of it’s release, before it had even appeared on network television. As a wonderful byproduct of the campaign in the spirit of giving, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) say penguin “adoptions” increased by 600%. The beautiful storytelling shows that love is all you need. Have I mentioned this one’s my favorite? OK maybe I’ll watch it just ONE more time…

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