On day 8 we return to a John Lewis ad which generates as much enthusiasm in the UK at this time of year as most feel waking up on Christmas morning to see what is under the tree. Already featured twice in this countdown, John Lewis is a heavyweight when it comes to the holiday feelies. Man on the Moon was their 2015 ad featuring a little girl a beautiful cover of Oasis’ ‘Half the World Away’ (arguably better than the original) and…well…the man on the moon:



This ad caught a lot of criticism for John Lewis as many people felt that overall the message was too sad. Overall it was always going to be difficult to follow on their near perfection of their 2014 ad Monty the Penguin but Man in the Moon had it’s own charm. John Lewis uses the perspective as told through the eyes of children to near perfection in almost every one of their ads and this one is not exception. They also partnered with  Age UK to raise awareness of the loneliness older people experience particularly at this time of the year. So it gives you the “feels” with a great message too.


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