It’s not often “Frankenstein” and “heartwarming” are used in the same sentence, but that’s the only way to describe day 6 of the 12 (work)Days of Christmas. “Frankie’s Holiday” from Apple features actor Brad Garrett’s take on the famously misunderstood Mary Shelley monster just trying to spread a little Christmas cheer.

It was released in late November and has well over 7.5 million views in just under a month. It’s notable because it’s one of the few US based brands featured, most US brands are more in your face with the sell rather than taking a backseat behind some great storytelling. It’s also notable for Apple as it departs from their normally clean and I’d suggest almost clinical approach to their video content branding. Think of any Apple ad. It’s usually beautifully produced, set to current music, breathtaking and supposedly shot on the latest iPhone. Frankie’s Holiday is still beautifully produced; but is gritty by comparison. It’s quirky and eccentric. It’s fun and it ends with a very heartwarming message about coming together. The message to ”Open your heart to everyone” at the conclusion seems more poignant now than ever given all the vitriol in social media and the world in general.

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