On the second day of Christmas I give you “English for Beginners” from Allegro. Allegro is a hugely popular Polish online auction website, in fact one of the top 200 or so sites in the world based on traffic. The video features an elderly gentleman who decides to learn English. It’s got humor and an ending that will make your heart swell three sizes too large and your eyes will probably well up with tears. Fair warning there are a couple of swears if you’re in an open office environment but the humor of their placement ties the video together nicely. Put your headphones on and enjoy.

“a Ty?” at the end means “And You?” followed by “czego szukasz?” or “what are you looking for?” A simply wonderful example of storytelling where the brand is barely visible at all. The video was uploaded just a couple of weeks ago at the end of November and has already garnered more than 7 million views. John Lewis’ ads are generally expected year after year to deliver a warm holiday feeling. They’re the kings of the holiday feel good ad after all. But this was a wonderful and surprising addition this year from Allegro to share that holiday spirit.

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