Day 11 is usually reserved for pipers piping, but how about some quirky train whistles blowing instead? This ad from H&M is my pick for the best holiday ad of this year. H&M is a multinational clothing-retail company and spun this holiday tale of creating Christmas joy when there otherwise might not be.

Did you guess who directed it? If you haven’t, the ad was directed by Wes Anderson of Royal Tenenbaums fame among many other movies. He has a very unique and visual storytelling style that tends to come through quite clearly. Add in Academy Award winner Adrien Brody as Conductor Ralph who helps make Christmas happen. The entire ad flows like a typical Wes Anderson film; a carefully calibrated eccentric dance. The single shot of the train aisle as it enters the tunnel and undergoes a transformation when it comes out is gorgeous. Go back and watch it again. Did you notice the change in the lighting and colors before, during and after? Seriously, it was that good. When you use storytelling to position your brand it’s critical that the script, style, execution and delivery align with your brand. H&M and Wes Anderson executed that with a very detail laden and fashion forward approach both seamlessly and flawlessly here.

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What does the final workday of Christmas hold? You’ll have to come back tomorrow to find out.


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