This Sainsbury’s ad from 2014 is about one of the most amazing and true Christmas stories of all time. According to historical events, on Christmas Day, 1914, the Germans and British guns fell silent while the two armies met in no-man’s land, sharing gifts and even playing soccer together. This ad is a recreation inspired by these actual events.



Sainsbury’s decided to commemorate the centenary by telling the story of the famous 1914 Christmas truce that British and German soldiers observed in the first holiday season of World War I. Sainsbury’s worked with the Royal British Legion, which works to support servicemen and women, to ensure the details were as authentic as possible. They based it on original reports and letters from the time, and worked with historians throughout the process. While the story may have taken place now over a hundred years ago, the story and the message holds true. We’re all in this together. Love and compassion will always trump hate.


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